Local Outreach to Suicide Survivors

“Postvention is prevention for the next generation.” Dr. Edwin Shneidman

L.O.S.S. is a specialized concept, developed by Frank Campbell, in which a team of trained first responders are invited to the scene of a suicide to provide immediate support and referrals for those newly bereaved by the suicide. The Teams goal is to shorten the elapsed time between the death, and the time that the Survivors seek the help they need to deal with this devastating grief.  Prior to this Team concept, it was taking Survivors an average of 4.5 years to seek support services. Since this Team concept has been in effect, that time has dwindled to 4 months. This model has been shown to have a positive impact of both the teams members (often those bereaved by suicide previously) as well as the newly bereaved.  This concept is considered an active postvention model, preventing further suicides while attempting to end the family cycle of self harm. Statistics show that those impacted by suicide are nine times more likely to take their own lives. This model has been utilized in Australia, Singapore, Northern Ireland, Canada and now in several states across the United States.

Jill has trained L.O.S.S. Teams in the past and is endorsed by Dr. Campbell as an associate trainer of his model. She has helped to build the L.O.S.S. (Local Outreach for Suicide Survivors) program in Arizona, through her work with EMPACT- Suicide Prevention Center. She has served as the clinical lead for the Phoenix team, responding the the scene of suicides and providing support from the onset of a death.